All Good Work Residents: Providing Timely, Reliable and Trustworthy Information During the Pandemic.

In times of crisis timely, reliable, and trustworthy information is key as it can help reduce anxiety and stress, help protect people, and ensure that individuals and organizations are making informed decisions that can have an impact on communities, societies, and economies. 

The task of providing reliable information becomes even more crucial in the modern world, where fake news can be hard to spot, where everyone has an opinion, and where facts are not always checked. Therefore, before reading and sharing any information, it’s important for people to check the source of the information and the reputation of any media outlet. 

Below are some sources of information that have been vetted as trustworthy and reliable:

San Jose Spotlight, the local, nonprofit, online news outlet for San Jose and Santa Clara County has added a Coronavirus Updates page to their online news site that is continually updated with the latest news and information from their team of local journalists in Santa Clara County. 

PlaneTree Health Library is a nonprofit public resource for accurate, trustworthy, and free health and medical information in the South Bay.  Previously a physical library – it is now entirely online.  PlaneTree Health Library has added a comprehensive resource page to its website on the Coronavirus and COVID-19 for the community. 

Good2Know Network is a free online community providing early learning teachers and child care providers with information that is helpful, timely and well organized.  Good2Know Network has recently added resources from the Child Mind Institute for Supporting Families During COVID-19 to its website and is promoting the upcoming EveryChild California peer discussions for early learning and care leaders.

San Jose Parks Foundation, provides private sector support for San Jose parks, trails and programs.  Parks are playing a key role during the COVID-19 crisis in terms of providing green space for locals to access.  Some area parks have been closed to ensure effective social distancing during the crisis.  Currently, the San Jose Parks Foundation is supporting the City of San Jose by communicating official information and updates to volunteer groups and “friends of” of the City parks.

InSTEDD promotes global health, safety and sustainable development through human-centered design and development, research, collaborative technology and capacity building initiatives.  InSTEDD has recently added the Pandemic Preparedness COVID-19 Update – Citizen’s Guide to its website.

This list of information sources should help you better navigate the current crisis and keep you informed about what’s happening, potential scenarios, and ways in which you can act and contribute.