All Good Work Foundation is excited to announce our new Chapter Program. Partnering with local organizations, we are working to launch All Good Work Residency Programs in every major market in the USA, and eventually the world.

The Chapter Program begins by identifying a local partner in the market where the program is to be launched. This partner can be a local nonprofit, a community foundation, a nonprofit center, a coalition of coworking spaces, or any combination of those groups. The Chapter leadership will work to establish a local Residency Program with the support of the All Good Work Foundation, which provides guidance in funding, program design, program management, and connections with local and national coworking partners who will contribute space to the program.

Once established, the Chapter will operate with ongoing support from the All Good Work Foundation to expand the program and its impact throughout the region, and with the support of other Chapters who will form a working group on building the programs.

Our first Chapter is in Denver, Colorado, where we have partnered with the Posner Center for International Development. We will be updating our site with more details about this Chapter and how to apply soon.

If you are interested in starting your own Chapter of the All Good Work Residency Program, please contact us through the inquiry form or call our toll-free number, 866.249.3636.