The New Work Project: “The Advantages Of Demonstrating Social Responsibility Far Outweigh The Opportunity Costs Of Donating Space”

Donating Space To All Good Work Was A “Natural Extension” For The New Work Project

The advantages of being able to demonstrate social responsibility far outweigh the small opportunity costs

A month ago we learned that Voice of Witness (VOW) had found a new home in the New Work Project. According to VOW’s Managing Editor, Dao Tran, working at The New Work Project allowed her to lead a better life and improve her performance:

Working at The New Work Project has helped me have a healthier work-life balance. This is key for me, as I tend to work on intense subjects that require that I maintain a certain level of personal wellbeing. Being at The New Work Project has helped me to keep the trauma and “heaviness” of my work balanced with a beautiful space, good light, surrounded by others working, and good vibes.”

We caught up with The New Work Project’s Co-Managing Partner James Davison to learn about why they decided to join the All Good Work Foundation and how donating space has helped them build a stronger workplace community.

Tell us about The New Work Project.

Spanning 3,200 square feet, The New Work Project is a design-led coworking space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our space was thought out, created, and designed to inspire, stimulate, promote the creativity of, and facilitate the fluid working for our members.

The New Work Project gives members access to a combination of private and communal spaces, including private studios, dedicated gallery desks, informal lounge areas,conference rooms and privacy phone booths.

Our members work predominantly, but not exclusively, in creative industries. The New Work Project is a home for individually minded creators and innovators.

Why did you decide to donate workspace to the All Good Work Foundation?

The New Work Project is a dynamic community of exciting people doing exciting things.  We are very much a local space, with most of our members living within a few blocks’ radius.  We run a diverse and varied cultural program, in which we offer our space for free to groups organizing events that promote issues we feel strongly about. These values of community, locality, and thought provoking cultural programming are at the core of everything we do, so it was a natural extension for us to support All Good Work by agreeing to host a number of their social impact organizations.

What would you say to any other centers that are thinking about joining All Good Work?

We would encourage other spaces wholeheartedly to join All Good Work.  The advantages of being able to demonstrate social responsibility far outweigh the small opportunity costs associated with donating space.  Furthermore, our All Good Work members have contributed in immeasurable ways to the life and community of our space, which has been a real added bonus for us and for our members.