Opening The Doors To Opportunity Through Workspace Giving

This article was originally written in collaboration with Cecilia Amador and was featured in Allwork.Space

Lack of interest and the will to do things isn’t what keeps some people and communities from developing and advancing. Oftentimes, it’s lack of opportunity, lack of resources, and lack of knowledge.

The workspace-as-a-service industry is in a unique position to help communities, individuals, and organizations succeed. Most workspace operators have a strong and close tie to their local communities, and they have the resources that many organizations are lacking or don’t have access to in order to succeed.

A Space for Opportunity, Knowledge, and Resources

As a flexible workspace operator, you can open the doors to opportunity by opening the doors of your workspace to those who need it the most.

All Good Work is a non-profit organization that’s helping various charitable organizations expand their reach by giving them the opportunity to set up shop in workspaces that give them access to resources and knowledge.

“It’s about how the industry can help communities develop by making charitable donations that can truly make a difference,” says Frank Cottle, one of the creators of All Good Work.  

One of the leading flexible workspace industry examples is that of Quest Workspaces. Back in 2011, Laura Kozelouzek launched Quest Cares, a program that gave free and unused workspace to local charities and non-profits.

“Implementing Quest Cares is one of the best decisions we made as a company, and it has become an integral part of the Quest culture. Quest Cares has allowed us to truly make a difference; not only can we help communities grow but we can also change lives.”

“The program has caused a trickle down effect of goodwill. Quest staff volunteer their time, our members make monetary donations, volunteer their time, and share their knowledge with resident organizations. It’s inspiring to see how Questers now sit on various fundraising committees.” — Laura Kozelouzek

Quest Cares has helped local Florida communities by helping organizations expand their reach, focus their efforts, and giving them access to knowledge that can help them better help those that need it.

It’s a circle of giving, of sharing, of helping. And it’s a circle that’s growing through All Good Work.

The work done by Quest Cares has inspired many and they aren’t the only ones that have donated space to individuals and organizations, therefore contributing to community development and growth.

Speaking about donating workspace to social impact organizations and of All Good Work, Tony Bacigalupo mentions that “this is a tremendous service that the industry has been doing for the world for a long time. But credit hasn’t been given where it is due.”

All Good Work hopes to change that and to make it easier for workspace operators to donate their space and to spread the word to other operators and charity organizations that could greatly benefit from the program.

With some guidance from Laura Kozelouzek and other industry experts, All Good Work has already started to improve communications, processes, and strengthen workspace operators’ relationships with local communities.

The true nature of the industry–that of collaboration, wholeheartedness, altruism, and a strong sense of community–has come to shine now more than ever as operators begin to join All Good Work to power their efforts to contribute to community development.

The Farm Soho, Cohere Coworking, Office Evolution, ProjectY, Premier Business Centers, and Liberty Office Suites are only some of the workspace operators that are already on their way to making a difference and changing lives.

The holiday season is always a good time to get involved, to donate, and to give back. But in Kozelouzek’s  words:

“While it’s exciting to lease up a new center, getting to give away office space to deserving groups at any given time  makes me feel like Santa Claus all year long.”