Workspace Donation Program Makes “A World Of Difference” For Style Saves Charity

This article was originally written in collaboration with Jo Meunier and was featured in Allwork.Space

In April 2014, Quest Workspaces welcomed a new client to their Miami offices at 777 Brickell Avenue. However, this wasn’t any ordinary serviced workspace arrangement.

The client in question was Style Saves, a non-profit organization that accepted the offer of donated office space through Quest Workspaces’ program, Quest Cares. Style Saves is a registered charity founded by fashion stylist Rachael Russell, which aims to empower under-privileged students in Miami, Florida, by providing them with school uniforms, supplies, equipment and prescription eyewear to support their journey through education.

This workspace agreement is made possible by Quest founder Laura Kozelouzek, who launched Quest Cares in 2011 and later inspired the formation of All Good Work — a global platform that seeks to connect social impact organizations with local workspace operators.

“Before, we would work out of our living rooms, hotel lobbies, in the hallways of our storage unit… really anywhere we could find space,” explained Stephanie Caro, Vice President of Style Saves.

“Now, we have a dedicated office setting with Quest Workspaces, which helps us stay focused and organized.”

Stephanie explained: “A good friend of ours, Stacey Russell, saw a Facebook post where Quest Workspaces was looking to give away office space to non-profits. We submitted our application right away. We were so excited when we got the call!”

Since then, Style Saves has been able to establish a firm footing in Miami and continue helping local students.

“Being based at Quest Workspaces has made a world of difference for our organization!” added Stephanie. “It’s so much easier for us to schedule meetings now with partners and sponsors since we have a professional setting to do this in.”

Style Saves is one of many charities that has benefited directly from Quest Cares. Now in its fifth year, the charitable workspace program continues to go from strength to strength — and is inspiring others to do the same.

Quest Workspaces is now an integral part of All Good Work — a platform launched earlier this year that seeks to connect social impact organizations with local workspace operators.

The founders of All Good Work include ABCN’s Frank Cottle, Tony Bacigalupo from New Work Cities and Nate Heasley from Goodnik. Together, they — with the vital support of advisors including Quest’s Laura Kozelouzek — created the network to help connect certified good causes with workspace operators who are able and willing to donate their resources.

Style Saves is living proof that the concept works, and that it’s able to help social impact organizations create the foundations they need to spread their wings.

“The idea is to get bigger and better,” Stephanie added. “Each year we aim to increase the amount of funds raised so that we can continue to assist students in Miami and beyond.”

Commenting on their growth prospects, she added: “We’ve been organizing a number of international service programs to Colombia, Haiti and Cuba. People love the idea of being able to visit these countries, but with a unique perspective of helping out and giving back.”

“Being at Quest really helped us build and grow our organization into an established non-profit.”

All Good Work is seeking social impact organizations that are looking for workspace, in addition to workspace operators and suppliers who are able to donate resources to local non-profits. Please contact the team to find out how you can get involved.

*Featured imaged grabbed from Style Saves Facebook Page.