All Good Work Foundation
Drop-In Program

Connecting Social Impact Organizations To Donated Workspace.

The All Good Work Foundation’s Drop-In Program connects nonprofit organizations to donated flexible workspace in coworking spaces and business centers.

The Drop-In Program is designed to give nonprofit organizations access to donated flexible drop-in space such as work desks and offices by the day, and meeting rooms or conference rooms by the hour. The program is administered by the All Good Work Foundation, which conducts all of the marketing, interviewing, vetting, selecting, and relationship management of the participating organizations. The program is conducted in partnership with Upflex, a company that gives coworking space operators a platform to manage hourly, daily, and long-term bookings for hotdesks, offices, and meeting rooms.


Donate space to support local nonprofits


Apply for access to our donated space network

Our Hosts are the engine
of All Good Work.

They’re the people who donate workspace to the All Good Work Foundation and welcome social impact organizations into their communities.

Host Benefits

Free Advertising For Your Space

Operators who donate full-time space are included in the Foundation’s $120,000+/year advertising campaigns, which advertises on behalf of operators based on the level of donation. Turn underutilized space into free local advertising for your center!

Improve Your Space’s Culture

Supporting organizations in your space not only does good, it changes the culture of your space for good. Your space will appeal to a better class of members, who appreciate that a coworking space isn’t just four walls and a desk – it’s a community.

Support Your Community

By allowing nonprofits and social impact organizations to work from your space, you are changing your community and the people in it, for good.

Newsworthy Story To Tell

Participating in our programs gives your center valuable PR and differentiates your space as a leader in social responsibility and in the industry.

Demonstrate Impact

Our program allows operators to have a direct understanding of the impact their having in the community and measure that outcome over time.


Our residents come bring diverse ideas, experiences, and backgrounds into their workspace. Their presence brings energy that makes any center a thriving part of the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

All organizations participating in the program are registered 501c3 nonprofit organizatons who have been vetted by the All Good Work Foundation. To be accepted, all organizations must be doing verifiable social good, be in need of office space that they will use effectively, and pledge to use the space appropriately and be good community members. Organizations may not be religious or political in nature.

Our Drop-In Program accepts donations of flexible desks and offices by the day, and meeting space or conference room space by the hour. Operators who want to donate monthly seating may join our Residency Program.

As much as you like! We recommend however that the donation be sustainable and consistent. Rather than overcommitting, we suggest starting with 1%-3% of your total availability (1-3 seats out of every hundred) multiplied by the number of work-days in a month. In other words, between 20 and 60 day passes for every hundred seats. Donated conference room time is recommended at 10 hours per month per location, depending on the number of conference rooms. 

Donors to our programs benefit from being part of a growing number of socially responsible coworking spaces, which gives them market distinction and marketing opportunities that other centers don’t have. All Good Work strives to help our partners gain recognition for their good work through marketing, PR, and advertising which we do on a local level to support each operator. Additionally, operators benefit from the increased word-of-mouth and visitors to their space that comes from nonprofits holding board meetings or other events in their space. The presence of our diverse members in every space helps bring an energy that makes every space feel like a vibrant community instead of just another coworking space.

Upflex provides corporate clients access to flexible workspace for their employees and gives coworking space operators a platform to manage hourly, daily, and long-term bookings for hotdesks, offices, and meeting rooms. Upflex has partnered with the All Good Work Foundation to make its platform available to manage donated space.

AGWF will manage the bookings and members using the Upflex platform.  Because of this, those wanting to donate space to the program must have an Upflex profile, but only to the extent of their donation. Donors need not make the space available to commercial, paying customers. If they want to, however, operators may list their space on the Upflex platform alongside their donated space, and the revenue earned goes directly to the operator.

The program is managed by AGW using the Upflex platform. Operators will receive a notification through Upflex when a space is requested. Operators can use the platform to manage their donations and availability. AGW manages the users of the system, setting their access limits and overseeing their  participation.

The Drop-In Program launches in Beta in November and will have a small number of participating organizations “dropping in” in just a few markets (New York City and Silicon Valley to start). Additional markets will roll out in the coming months, and with that expansion more organizations will join.

Once you have indicated your interest in joining the program, someone from All Good Work Foundation will contact you to get more details about your space and your participation. 

Drop-In Program Members

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Drop-In Members Benefits

Cost Savings

Our Drop-In program enables nonprofit organizations to support their employees, reduce infrastructure costs, and spend more of their time, and more of their budget, on social good.


Organizations work amongst a diverse group of other people and companies, which leads to networking and collaboration opportunities that can help organizations thrive.

Business Environments

Coworking spaces and business centers provide professional workspace that employees will be energized to work from, and which donors and board members will be impressed by. Most spaces provide complete services including high-speed wireless internet, conference rooms, phone booths, fax/printer services, reception and mail services and even free coffee!

Newsworthy Story To Tell

The All Good Work Foundation promotes, shares and publishes Resident’s work throughout social media and other media outlets to help your organization get even more of the attention it deserves for its good work.


With a large network of participating spaces, organizations and their employees will find locations that are more convenient, reduce commute times, and are closer to the communities they serve or the partners they need to meet with.


Because the Drop-In Program provides access to a network of spaces, you’ll always be able to find the right space in the right place when you need it, whether that’s a meeting room downtown, or a desk for a day in a space near home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Drop-In Program is designed to be flexible and affordable for every organization. Each membership comes with a specific number of drop-in days for administrative work, as well as conference room/meeting room time. Members pay a low monthly fee of approximately 10% to 15% the market rate of the space.

Members of the Drop-In Program may visit any space in the network as needed, though we prefer that organizations pick a “home base” where they will do most of their work so we can manage availability and ensure everyone has the access they need.

To participate in the program, your organization must be a registered nonprofit, and must have a Guidestar profile with a transparency rating of “Silver” or better. Religious and political organizations are not eligible for the program. 

Once you have filled out the application form, someone from All Good Work Foundation will review it. If you are accepted to the program you will be given access codes that allow you to create a profile for you and your team in the system and manage your access to the network of spaces. 

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